Ultimate Business Success Summit
Ultimate Business Success Summit

Ultimate Business Success Summit

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ULTIMATE Business Success Summit –
Entrepreneur Financial Success Program

Work with our team to create the Ultimate Business Financial Success strategy, specifically for your business. At the program, you will work directly with our team of business success professionals to identify your target business niche, develop an effective sales plan to manage (and grow!) your customer base, promote your business on a minimal marketing budget, influence the five primary indicators that grow profit, and determine the optimal time to expand your business (and avoid stalling!). You will learn how to develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, organize your cash flow, improve your leadership skills, and use the rules of money to your advantage. In addition, you will learn how to recognize outstanding investment opportunities and prosper regardless of uncontrollable economic conditions. You will directly benefit from the experience of those who have already achieved success, which will allow you to meet your goals even faster than you could have imagined. This is the event that every entrepreneur and business owner needs to attend--if they are serious about growing and expanding their business.


What our students are saying...

"I highly recommend the Ultimate Business Success Summit with Dr. Alex Pomelnikov from Worldpreneur. The one day class really open up my eyes in understanding how to run a successful business. The interaction and group discussion was very interesting and it help when you learn and discuss together. If you want to take the business to another level, Ultimate Business Success is what you want to do." - Andy W., Financial Professional

"The summit was awesome! I enjoyed every minute. The information definitely superseded the price of the event. I liked the way Alex explained the information and the strategies. I took amazing notes and I am excited to implement them into my business." - Tanjeniqua P.



  • Create your Ultimate Business Financial Success strategy

  • Manage your employees and resources effectively

  • Develop an effective sales plan to manage (and grow!) your bottom line

  • Five steps to have a stable cash flow in business

  • Influence the five primary indicators that grow profit

  • Determine the optimal time to expand your business (and avoid stalling!)

  • Use the rules of money, investment opportunities, insurance advantages, and economic conditions to your (profitable!) advantage

  • Strategies to scale and sell your business


BONUS SESSION – Innovative new ways to make money